Day 1

Monday, March 16.
Fredericton Convention Centre, Pointe Ste Anne Ballroom  CD



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 Keynote: Dan Pallotta


Uncharitable: What if the entire way we’ve been taught to think about charity, philanthropy and change is wrong? What if it’s undermining our true potential to make the difference we dream of making? Dan Pallotta liberates us from the ancient thinking that has been handed down to us about the nonprofit sector. This talk will shift the entire way you think about charity and change, and about exactly what’s possible for you and your organization.


Networking Break



Keynote: Andreas Souvaliotis


Harnessing the Power of Greed to Change the World:

Hear the very candid story of an accidental social entrepreneur who discovered the beautiful intersection of business and true impact. Come prepared to engage in an open debate about the importance of scale and the power of profit!


Millennial Dream/Social Venture Valley

Greg Hemmings, David Alston,  Karina LeBlanc, Jake Wildman-Sisk




Select one stream or mix it up with workshops in each!

Stream One- Stakeholders


 Creating Pools of Social Capital

Panelists: Katie Gibson, Community Finance Solutions, MaRS;  Lars Boggild, Finance for Good; Austen Hughes, Natural Forces

Facilitator: Kristy O'Leary


Stream Two-Entrepreneurs/Innovators

 Lessons From the Trenches

Panelists: Sean Dunbar, Amanda Hachey, Matt Symes

Facilitator: David Upton


Networking Break

​3:00-4:00 pm

Going Digital, A Platform for Social Entrepreneurs

Tools & next steps to enhance connectivity is required to be a leader in social venture development in the region.


  Panelists: David Alston,  Ed McGinley, Carol MacDonald, Susan Holt

Facilitator: Rene Boudreau



Impact Venture Showcase


 Raising Social Capital

Panelists:  Karina LeBlanc, PDC; Sandra Odendahl, RBC   Jeff Harriman, FCNB: Wendy MacDermott, United Ways of NB


Facilitator: Seth Asimakos

Day 2.

Tuesday, March 17.
Fredericton Convention Centre, Pointe Ste Anne Ballroom CD



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Possible Canadas

Panelists: Danny Graham, Lisa Hrabluk, Marilyn Luscombe

Facilitator: Chad Lubelsky

Networking Break

Select one stream or mix it up with workshops in each!

Stream One- Stakeholders


Building Communities That Get Better with Age

Panelists:  Jeff Schnurr, John Leroux,  Charles Marohn, Taeyon Kim

Facilitator: Gracen Johnson

Food Businesses as an Agent for Social, Cultural, Environmental Change

Panelists: Levi Lawrence, Stephane Sirois, Sean Gallagher, Lois Corbett

Facilitator: Christina Fowler


Stream Two- Entrepreneurs/Innovators




Misfits: How to Leverage the Fact That You Don't Fit In

Extended Workshop with

Andreas Souvaliotis

Find answers your challenging questions for social entrepreneurs.








Networking opportunity


Open Data; Open Government

Panelists:  Pascale Paulin,  Jake Arsenault, Dawn Arnold, David Finley


Facilitator: Nick Scott



Mentorship in All Its Glory


Finding a mentor, managing the match, getting the best from the experience.


Facilitator:Janna Hare, The Mentra

Special Guest: Raj Melviille


Networking Break

Social Solutions Lab

What Change Looks Like When It’s Done Together. 

Facilitated by Amanda Hachey, Jake Wildman-Sisk


Join us for this final session to discuss collaborative approaches systems issues. In town hall format, we will discuss the systems worth changing in 2015, different frameworks to do so, and how we can get started right away.

Closing Remarks

Special Session


After The Dialogue

Special Session

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BCorps Better Your Business     Bootcamp

Using Business as a Force for Good

Pointe Ste. Anne B

Workshop Host:

Amanda Hachey, Conscious Brands


The BCorp Bootcamp: Better Your Business

This workshop is a forum to celebrate and share information on what being a BCorp is all about! 


Learn what it could mean for your business and how your business can be instrumental in being better and doing good for your stakeholders and community.


The workshop will start by hearing from Sean Dunbar of Picaroons, Lisa Hrabluk of Wicked Ideas and Greg Hemmings of Hemmings House about why choose BCorp.  Following the panel discussion, we will dive into a quick impact assessment to see what BCorp could mean for your business.




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